1.  The Customer should have professional home inspections including but not limited to:

Structure, foundation and roof • Pool and grounds • Open Permits • Square Footage • Appliances/Equipment • Seawall • Well water system • Septic System • Lead based paint • Drywall • Electrical/Mechanical Components • Heating/Air-conditioning • Radon • Mold • Polybutylene piping • Air Quality • Wood destroying organisms (WDO’s)

2. The Customer should obtain a professional survey.

3.  The Customer should request a Seller’s disclosure be provided as part of the contract.

4.  The Customer should satisfy themselves as to the insurability of the property with respect to: flood zones; the existence of polybutylene plumbing; any other factors affecting the availability of insurance. This should take place before an offer is submitted

5.  If concerned about valuation, the Customer should obtain an appraisal.

6.  The Customer should review all governing regulations on resales and/or purchases by Investors, to ensure that restrictions do not interfere with their planned use for the property.

7.  The Customer should review rental, architectural, visitor, vehicular, pet and other HOA/Condo/Co-op rules or deed restrictions and ensure that these do not interfere with their planned use for the property.

8.  The Customer should contact city, county or federal agencies that control building, zoning and other regulations, if needed, to verify any issues of concern.



9.  Floor plans provided, if any, are not produced by the Seller or Alfred Robbins Realty Group, and neither makes a representation or warranty as to the accuracy of such measurements. Any floor plan provided is the product of an independent third party, whether that be a previous developer, architect, county appraiser, or floor plan service. As such, the measurements should be considered as estimates of actual square footage.

10. School boundaries are adjusted from time to time. The Customer should verify that school boundaries meet their family’s needs.

11. Listing information and any information obtained on the Internet is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed. Customers are advised to perform due diligence to verify the accuracy of any information.

12.  Florida law provides for the public search of sexual offenders in any property’s neighborhood on the Sexual Offender website:;jsessionid=13FBy9IasQdqlxagpEB_XKxmDl7_02J tBNG_Fjo5.MOTORHEADSecondary.

13.  Alfred Robbins Realty Group, its agents and employees are licensed to practice real estate. They are not attorneys, accountants, building inspectors, or any other profession or trade professionals. The Customer should obtain legal and accountant counsel, and/or licensed trade professionals’ advice, reviews, and recommendations as deemed necessary.

14. Any lists provided by Alfred Robbins Realty Group of property related vendors are provided as an accommodation to Customers and do not constitute an endorsement of the professionals listed. Customers are advised to satisfy themselves as to the reputation, bonding, and licensing of vendors.

***15. The Customer should only accept wiring instructions that come directly from the closing agent or entity holding the deposits and not from Alfred Robbins Realty Group or other sources. To ensure the financial security of any funds wired, the Customer should verify the source and accuracy of any communication for wiring instructions by calling the closing agent. ALFRED ROBBINS REALTY GROUP ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY WIRE TRANSFER INSTRUCTIONS THAT CUSTOMER MAY RECEIVE.

16. Audio-Visual equipment (security cameras, microphones, etc.) may be in use during showings and Buyers are urged not to discuss any confidential information while on a property being considered for purchase.